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Picking up tiles for your house decoration and outdoor work can be tedious. A right amount of homework is required to decide the space, the structure, and the elements that are needed for installation. Any simple kind of outdoor will not solve the purpose of all. Every house has a different construction and colour requirement.  Outdoor tiling Geelong can increase the beauty of your outdoor space. This can be your pool area, the patio, or the terrace. 

The layout decides the type of outdoor tiling installation. Tips and tricks from the designers can help you find the best outdoor tiles. A variety of tiles can be found from a smaller price range to a higher range. 

After thorough research, some sound output can be achieved.  

Outdoor tiling project photo wec ompleted in Geelong with granite tiles

Top 5 tips for installing outdoor tiling Geelong! 

Here we have listed the top 5 tricks for installing outdoor tiles Geelong. Let us start with those tips. 

#1: Color selection 

Colour selection is the most important tip as it can make a house look dull or even vibrant. Due to more light in an area, a dark colour might have been painted in some houses. And in some areas, there is less light or exposure to light, for those light colours are used.  

Outdoor spaces should have contrast colour combination. The outdoor tiles are available in several different colours like white, red, black, stone-like, and many more. The limestone tile looks incredible if used as the outdoor tiling material. This is one of the trendy natural stone. 

#2: Budget 

Budget is a significantly important part of outdoor tiling. The outdoor portion of any house is substantial in the area, and hence the outdoor work requires a lot of money involved in it. 

The patio can be significant; the pool is also not that small area if we come to think about it. The cost involved in furnishing the indoor portion is quite less. The outdoor area always remains more considerable, and so is the cost. Hence the budget plays a significant role here. 

A separate portion of money needs to be kept aside for outdoor tiling Geelong. It is good to have a pre-planned saving for outdoor work. 

#3: Slip-resistant tiles 

The slip-resistant tile is standard and one of the most important things to decide before installing tiles in the outdoor area. The tiles are rough, hard, porous, slippery, and of many other varieties. These are the characteristics of the tiles that are available in the market. If you choose a slip-resistant tile, it will be for your safety as it will prevent any accidents. 

A polished tile can be slippery, therefore avoid using it for outdoor tiling Geelong. Some self-manufactured tiles are using some artistic work. Those tiles can be made slip-resistant; try using them. 

#4: The finishing work 

Finishing of tiles improves the beauty of that place. The finished tiles if installed near the pool, can beautify the look two-folds. Try using them as you are investing the right amount there. 

The patio is another essential part of the outdoor portion of the house. Use finely polished tile here too. A simple and most straightforward process can be select a manufacturer of tiles, decide the colour of the tile according to your budget, and then ask them for the polishing of the tiles for a classy look. 

#5: Overall design and structure of the outdoor area 

Some of the outdoor areas in a house can be oval; some be made square, and so on. People leave space according to the area that they own and what all things they want in their outdoor portion. 

The pool area usually has trees for greenery and fresh air so somewhat dark-coloured tiles will be best suited for that location. 

The patio is the area that the guests will see at first sight. Considering this as one of the strong reasons, outdoor tiling Geelong can be done using some expensive tiles. Better is the quality of the tile more durable it will be. Also, the design and look will improve. 

Terrace and the barbeque regions in the outdoor portion are entirely open again. For Barbeque, Travertine tile can be the right choice. The reason for the same is because it is beautiful and it is also hard which can withstand the heat. 

Other Things To Be Kept In Mind While Doing Your Outdoor Tiling! 

The overall area shall be segregated, and as per the division, tiles shall be selected. More money we put in for the tiles, a more furnished result will be there.  

Another thing to ponder upon is that, if you have a smaller outdoor area, the selection of tiles will become more comfortable as you have limited space. On the contrary, if you have a considerable portion of the outdoor area, selection becomes difficult. It is a good practice to choose parallel configured tiles to make the area look more prominent. 

In the market, there are low-budget tiles too, which can give the same look and feel as that of the higher-rated and higher-priced ones. Once you have installed the outdoor tiles, maintain it nicely. Maintenance of the tile matter a lot. This is so as it is your hard-earned money that you have invested in decorating your house. 

Some of the tiles absorb water and moisture. Sealing of such tile will help you save the tile for a longer duration. Taking the advice from some knowledgeable person is always a better idea. They can guide you in achieving the target that you are looking for. Interior decorators are an excellent choice for it. They have complete knowledge, and they will not let your money be wasted. 


Patio renovation and tiling job done in Geelong with porcelain tiles

Considering some of the points mentioned above will help you get better outdoor tiling Geelong ideas. The budget decides the flow and design of the outdoor area. More money you put in for buying the tiles, better tiles you will be installing. 

Constant questions and answers with yourself before laying the foundation of installation will earn you an area worth watching. Research, invest and install and see the outstanding view of your house.  

Happy outdoor tiling Geelong! 

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