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Is your living room the heart of the entire home?  A living room is a place to socialize with your visitors and relax with your family at the end of the day.  

The living room should have an inviting atmosphere. This begins by choosing the appropriate colours for this room because it affects human subconscious. Therefore, avoid extreme colours and opt for seamless space with the furnishings’ design and the flooring. 

Further, tiles make the floor easy to clean, unlike carpets, pet-friendly, durable, and eco-friendly because they are VOC free and non-allergenic material. 

It’s vital to consider various factors when choosing your living room floor tiles because, as stated, the living area’s appearance affects several people.  

The following are tips for selecting your living room’s tiles.

Living floor tiling job done by our tiling expert in Geelong with gray porcelain tiles

Types of Tiles 

The market offers a wide range of tiles with unique characteristics, and your choice is based on where you want to place the tiles and the room size. There are three types of tiles ideal for your living room floor tiles. 

Ceramic Tiles

These are nice looking tiles and very affordable solution for your living room flooring. They are available in different textures, shapes, colours, and are economical buy and install. On the other hand, they are not the most durable tiles in the market, and bulky furniture shouldn’t be placed over them. 

Porcelain Tiles

They are the most popular tiles in most living rooms. They have a hard structure and durable, even under rough occasions. These tiles have a consistent colour and are polished until they attain an optimal water resistance level.  

Thus, the material can retain its shine and appearance even after years of use. You can use porcelain tiles that have a natural hardwood or natural stone appearance because they can imitate them. 

Further, porcelain tiles create a chic flair to the living. These tiles will make the main room of the house feel fresh if you live in a humid, hot climate. 

Stone Tiles

Marble and granite are the most commonly used natural stone tiles to decorate the walls and floors. They are sturdy, durable, and beautiful. However, stone tiles are expensive than other materials and are also porous unless you seal them. 

The Tile Texture 

Tile texture is an essential feature that affects where it will be installed. This factor affects the entire style of the room, as well as their cleaning and maintenance. The widely preferred texture is matt and polished finishes because they transform the appearance of your living room. Further, they offer exceptional quality and are logically priced. 

The Color 

You can boost the appearance of a small room or one that doesn’t have enough natural light by installing light-coloured floor tile. For instance, you can opt for cream, beige, or white porcelain, ceramic, and marble tiles to improve the lighting. 

Installing larger living room floor tiles will make a small room appear expanded. Further, you can install a matching grout colour to create a seamless flowing surface and amplify the effect in tiny or small rooms. 

An open floor plan has both the living room, kitchen, and dining room together. Therefore, you can make a beautiful design for your living room floor tiles by opting for a seamless style in the entire space. Alternatively, you can opt for mosaic or bright-coloured tiles to create visual breaks and add interest in the space. 

The Tile Appearance 

You should evaluate what your priorities are; luxury or incredible durability. The stone floor, such as granite, marble, and travertine have a luxuriant appearance that elevates the look and feel of the room in the house.  

This is because there are no two pieces of natural stone that are identical. However, these tiles give you a naturally beautiful floor that can’t be duplicated. 

Larger tile sizes are impressive, and they create a uniform, seamless appearance that is appropriate for modern interior designs. 

The Room Size  

The size of your living is an essential factor to consider because it affects the type of tiles you can afford to buy. 

You can install expensive, high-quality floor tiles in a smaller living room. On the other hand, you can install affordable options to cover significant areas. There are specific ceramic or porcelain tiles that are pretty, durable, and economical for the floor application of a large living room. 

The Living Room’s Decoration

Interior tiling job done in Geelong with wood look porcelain tiles

Installing high-quality tiles is just one element of creating an elegant, glamorous living room. Still, you need to consider the walls of your living because they are part of its decoration. 

Therefore, you should consider the style and colour of the walls and choose living room floor tiles that blend well with them in terms of texture and colour. 

Another critical factor to think about is the furniture in the living room. For example, install patterned travertine tiles to boost the beauty of the traditional furniture in your space.  

Living room accessories and wall art should be factored in when choosing the style and colour of the tiles.  

Living Room Walls 

You can use tiles to add an outstanding style and personality to the walls of the living room.  Use tiles with artful mosaic designs or authentic texture to make the room beautiful. For instance, you can use quartzite, slate, marble, or granite to make a bold accent wall. You can add trim to make a frame shape that is a substitute for hanging paintings.   

Install three-dimensional tiles to add some depth. You can work with Geelong Tiling and Waterproofing to set the appropriate mood for your living room. 

You can make the fireplace the focal point by fixing a tile pattern that makes a statement. Another option is to use polished white tiles to make the main room bright. Use natural stone, for they have a great texture that turns the space into a modern living space. 

There can be lots of ways you can enhance the appearance of your living room floor tiles. Geelong Tiling and Waterproofing experts can help create designs using ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, or glass tiles to create an eye-catching effect in your living room.

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