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Refurbishments must have the best standard of tile components and style concepts. Without one another, the bathroom is either unappealing or easily weakened. Thus, any owner of a house needs to be dependent upon several variables that they must consider in their bathroom ideas Geelong, as neglecting these elements could mean problems in the longer term. 

Bathroom renovation design we completed in Geelong with wood look floor tiles

 Major Aspects to Observe 

In deciding whether a bathroom design is good or not, a person will look at the colour scheme, the dimensions of the components as well as the quality of the tile. 

Colours and Design of Tiles 

Colours control the way we view the world. Without it, it will be very dull and gloomy to look at. Colour plays a vital role in any environment, whether it be toilet, kitchen, bed spaces or other areas because it is what triggers our brain to experience those feelings and ambiences. It is always a great way to consider focusing on a palette or colour group when constructing a bathroom, as it will represent both a structure and basis. 

It is also great to use tiles as the premise of colours. Recognize that vibrant colours give a sense of activity and optimism, and are advantageous for places in which there is a great deal of work. It would help if you went for darker and flatter tiles, ideally plain-coloured ones, for a more soothing look. A combination of these two styles of colours can be done so that your general bathroom ideas Geelong are not repetitive. 

Component Dimensions and Tile Sizes 

Whatever the length of your toilet, whether it’s small or big, you can take additional measures to create an illusion of space. This can be accomplished by carefully arranging and preparing the furniture and items you will be putting in the bath. Specific designs can also make you feel significant in the bathroom, such as modernist types. Illumination can also be used to improve vision signals. Before mounting lights, please ensure that the light temperature suits your chosen tiles well because both of them will always support one another. 

Quality of Tile 

if you have the most beautiful architecture in the world,  but the content of the tile is subpar and poorly designed, it would all contribute to zero. So, you must always consider and find tile integrity as a critical factor in every bathroom ideas Geelong, as it is essential for tile safety. Always ensure that tiles can be installed at the top level by your provider, particularly for tiles in walls, floors, and ceilings. Waterproofing should also be done, but it should be carried out cleanly in such a way that it does not impact the area’s general appearance. 

Crowd Favorite Bathroom Designs 

Any design for the bathroom should be configurable. This doesn’t mean, though, that you don’t continue to look for significant influences from popular styles that have survived the passage of time. Here are five beautiful bathroom ideas Geelong that will enhance or beautify the looks of this place. 

Stony Beauty with Stone Tiles 

Most tiling lovers, as well as artists, enjoy the stone tiles. They can be paired with a lot of components, and they are still very scalable. The worldwide renowned stone tiles are granite stone, limestone, and marble stone. This can look very formal and are incredible when mounted in a wall or ceiling. Additionally, you could opt to go for many choices by using stone tiles. Next is to go for the greeneries. Vegetation and trees provide perfect highlights for stone tiles as these are natural elements. You can even go through high-temperature fixtures and dark bathroom paint schemes for the elegant, minimalist feel. 

The Less, the Better Minimalist Style 

A sleek minimalist style is also a smart choice when tiling a wall or floor to the toilet. It’s especially useful for small toilets, as it provides an impression of more extensive space. Minimalist bathroom projects typically focus on neutrals like white tiles or fantastic flat tiles. It would help if you also incorporated a few touches of mosaic tiles to create incongruity from whites. Apart from that, flat colour palettes can be installed to your bathroom for extra flair. Minimalist layouts are a tribute to why colours are essential in tiling because they can deceive our view of things. So if you opt for this concept, it involves significant cleaning. The principle is to have fewer stuff in the bathroom area. 

Go for Geometry 

Tile patterns are also a great way to spice up a bathroom. It is always a smart option to apply shaped geometric features in your tiles when tiling the ceiling, wall, corners, floor, or any other areas that you want to showcase. Popular tiled patterns and shapes involve hexagons, pentagons, and even line streaks that suit earthy colours well. These loosen up the eyes, as the brain recognizes them as everyday objects. When you do want to upgrade your bathroom countertop, installing a decorative painting over it may be a smart idea. 

Porcelain and Pottery Attraction 

A comfortable looking and regal inspiring bathroom is achieved with marble-based and ceramic-based styles. These properties are known to be used in the social structure. The upper class and are always good assets to a bathroom’s complete image. Ceramics also go perfectly for bathroom tiles, as they all look beautiful and polished. The outcome can be astounding by mixing ceramics and marble with various stone tiles such as granite and calcareous quartz. Use of this bathroom ideas Geelong is not restricted to the bathroom only.

Accents over Vanities and Storages  
Bathroom renovation done by our bathroom professional in Geelong with concrete finish floor tiles

It is often a good idea to have a vanity to identify all of your bathroom necessities quickly. With this, a previously dull-styled area in the bathroom will have style. If you’d like to make your vanity a standout, it’s a smart idea to add a matching coloured tile in the walls, doors, or ceiling to help your storage and mirror become an asset. For example, walls tiled with brighter shades should be complemented with a vanity that is shaded darkly. This causes tremendous colour inconsistency, and the two elements balance one another. It’s always nice to place flower vases or pots on the cabinets and drawers for the bathroom ideas Geelong can have a bit of organicity. 

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