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Geelong Tiling

Photo of our completed interior tiling job in Geelong with white finish hexagon tiles

When it comes to aesthetic beauty and splendour of the house, the walls and floors indisputably play an essential role. The perfectly designed and professionally tiled and waterproofed bathroom, kitchen, pool and backyard will deliver an eye-catching look to your home. Moreover, it adds to the financial worth of your home in case you have decided to sell your home. Everyone has the vision to achieve perfect tiling and waterproofing services.

Geelong Tiling & Waterproofing is fully capable of helping attain your vision. We are offering superior tiling and waterproofing services to the people of Geelong for years. We have immense knowledge and years of experience at our disposal.

The team of educated, talented, skilled, dedicated and experienced professionals at Geelong Tiling & Waterproofing will make sure you achieve the desired results efficiently and cost-effectively. We guarantee you will be impressed and satisfied with our high-quality services and outcomes.

About Us

We are a tiling and waterproofing company located in Geelong, Australia. We are proud to be the chief tiling and waterproofing company in Geelong and surrounding regions. We are providing our excellent tiling and waterproofing services to locals for years. We have also completed numerous projects in both the commercial and residential sectors. We are known for our affordability, competency, and dedication.

The team of professionals at Geelong Tiling & Waterproofing will make sure to deliver desired results effectively and economically. Whether it is pool tiling, bathroom renovations, shower repairs, tiling floors, and walls or waterproofing, we are experts in providing safe and durable solutions for all your tiling and waterproofing needs. Your happiness and satisfaction is our ultimate and only priority.

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    Our Services

    With Geelong Tiling & Waterproofing you will receive smooth and pain-less tiling and waterproofing experience. We have to goal to deliver high-quality tiling and waterproofing services at affordable rates. We are proudly achieving this goal daily for years. We will make sure to provide unmatched tiling and waterproofing services at unbeatable prices. We always use recent hardware, tool, and advanced technology for your tiling and waterproofing project.

    The team of specialists at Geelong Tiling & Waterproofing is educated, skilled, devoted and experienced. All these traits of our members enable them to deliver the best possible outcomes rapidly and cost-effectively.

    For a helpful and informative answer to some of your questions on our services, you may visit our FAQ page.

    Luxurious bathroom renovation job we completed in Geelong with wall cladding tiles

    Bathroom renovations are required from time to time. They are necessary to keep your house trendy and updated. Moreover, bathroom renovations play an essential role in enhancing the charisma and splendour of your home. Similarly, it adds hinders to dollars to the overall worth of your home. A professionally renovated bathroom will make your home stand apart from other homes in the community. It will leave your guests amazed and satisfied. We are well aware that you have a dream of a perfect bathroom. The team at Geelong Tiling & Waterproofing will ensure you achieve your dream bathroom efficiently and competently.

    Tiling job we completed in Geelong

    Nothing is above the safety and security of your family and friends. It is an unquestionable fact, and Geelong Tiling & Waterproofing fully understands it. That is why we offer advanced waterproofing services that will ensure maximum safety for your family and friends. The team of waterproofing experts at Geelong Tiling & Waterproofing will provide reliable, long-lasting and safe solutions for your waterproofing need. Moreover, they will help you to select the best waterproofing membrane according to your floor services. Our team of skilled workers is fully competent to install any kind of waterproofing membrane efficiently.

    Tiling job we completed in Geelong

    Pool tiling is a place loved by both adults and children. It is a great place to have. It keeps you healthy and provides you with a relaxing environment. Moreover, it is a popular place to throw parties and host social events. At Geelong Tiling & Waterproofing, you will experience the desired and perfect pool tiling services that will increase the aesthetic beauty of your backyard without sacrificing the safety of your family and friends.

    “Geelong Tiling & Waterproofing is without doubt the best tiling and waterproofing company if you are looking for excellent tiling and waterproofing services at affordable rates. We are more than happy and satisfied to hire them for our bathroom renovation project. They delivered outstanding results. We will recommend them to our family and friends.”
    - Paul, L.

    Photo of our completed kitchen tiling job in Geelong with white porcelain tiles

    “We hired Geelong Tiling & Waterproofing for our pool tiling project. We were looking for a reliable tiling and waterproofing company for a long time. Our friend suggested to them, and we are more than happy to find such an incredible company. We were impressed by their dedication and hard work. Their staff was educated and aware of their responsibilities. Their team was very punctual and friendly. They completed the project in the given timeframe. Geelong Tiling & Waterproofing should be your preference if you are looking for cost-effective and high-quality tiling and waterproofing services.”
    - Terrance, K.

    Tiling job we completed in Geelong

    “We wanted to achieve the perfect stone tiling, but most of the companies offering stone tiling were inexperienced and beginners. Then we came across Geelong Tiling & Waterproofing. They claimed to be experienced and educated. I am happy to confirm that they were 110% honest about their claims. Their work approach and procedures were amazing. We were consulted before started and throughout the project. Their team provided the best advice to achieve our desired stone tiling experience. I will counsel you to always trust Geelong Tiling & Waterproofing for your stone tiling needs.”
    - Anna, M.

    Tiling job we completed in Geelong

    It is common these days to face shower problems. It is probably because of regular and intense use of the shower. Apart from whatever the problem might be, a defected shower can have a significant impact on your daily routine. The team at Geelong Tiling & Waterproofing is expert in providing safe, durable and long-lasting shower repairs.

    Tiling job we completed in Geelong

    Tile is a matter available in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, colours, and materials used to cover different surfaces. Floor and wall tiling is an idle option if you want to give your home an eye-catching and alluring look. Moreover, tiling is easy to maintain and will keep your home clean. At Geelong Tiling & Waterproofing, we provide all types of available tiling materials, designs, and colours. Our team will make sure that you achieve your dream home.

    Tiling job we completed in Geelong

    One of the most important and frequently used materials for tiling is stone. Stone tiling is an excellent choice if you are looking to furnish your home with a unique, natural and authentic look. It is a perfect option for both the internal and external décor of your home. Moreover, stone tiling is also available in different designs and colours. Both artful and straightforward stones are available to achieve the desired outcomes. The team at Geelong Tiling & Waterproofing is providing outstanding stone tiling services for years. Our team will ensure that you accomplish perfect stone tiling for your home.

    Check out our blog for useful house cleaning tips, recommendations & suggestions. With many years of experience, we are thrilled to share these for you.

    Tiling job we completed in Geelong

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    We are known for our reliability, durability, and affordability in the whole tiling and waterproofing industry. Our dedication, competency, and hard work have made us move loved and recommended tiling and waterproofing company in Geelong, Australia. We are providing exceptional tiling and waterproofing services that will force you to admire us for years.

    Our qualified, trained, skilled, competent, devoted and experienced is fully responsible for delivering any kind of the desired tiling and waterproofing outcomes. Our customer services team consists of friendly and educated members who are eager to help you. Contact us today to get a free quote or book an appointment for a detailed consultation.